Health issues resolving with water fasting

When I was 20 years old I experienced clinical death for couple of minutes in time of surgery. Doctors were able to start my heart beating again, but due to extreme situation, severity of wounds-it was several small intestine knife’s wounds, doctor had limited time to finish surgery by the books. So after surgery I’ve got seven scars on my small intestine, restrictive diet and constant digestive system complications. My water fasting helped me to cure digestive system irritations and complications, helped to keep body in good shape and avoid too strict diet. Later I’ve got scar on my heart due to heart attack in tragic time. I thought that it was some minor heart issue and just occasionally mentioned it later to my physician Anu R. Kottapalli, which is the best God’s given doctor I’ve ever met. She took it seriously, ordered immediate ECG, which showed a heart issue due to the scar on heart I’ve got after heart attack. The scar’s lower conductivity compare to normal heart tissue was lowering the speed of electrical signals to that part of my heart and this delay produce waves on surface of the heart. So that time I had strange feeling in my chest, I felt my heart and pretty often felt that somebody was touching my heart, some kind of waives were going through my heart. I was advised by Anu Kottapalli to carry my ECG with me in case of medical emergency, so they will be able to perform right procedures immediately. Guess what I’ve done? I performed several fasting, started talking to my heart and one year later my ECG showed no scar on my heart and showed quite healthy heart condition. I still have these ECG

Several years later I was surprised by symptoms of arthritis stroke me overnight, which were so obvious and extremely painful. I’ve spent my day before it walking and running on the beach, swimming in Pacific ocean and on the very next morning I barely could walk and have to use both my hands support to get myself out of my car. I’ve checked out what I ate for the last week and my guess was that Australian, New Zealand lamb meat from Costco can be a cause of my knees problem. I can’t imagine how these guys can deliver unfrozen lamb meat in plastic bags from Australia or New Zealand to USA without adding something harmful for people added to the very suspicious solution in the bag. So first of all I made decision to permanently remove Australian lamb from my ration. I visit my doctor and after X-Ray and blood tests he informed me that I’ve got arthritis. Here you go, overnight delivery! So it took almost one year and good dozens of short to medium length of fasting to get rid of arthritis completely. Also I’ve tried that Australian lamb meat from Costco after fasting couple of times and knees pain was coming back immediately. So I’ve never eaten that Australian, New Zealand lamb meat from Costco since then.

Actually I canceled Costco membership later after I've discovered several live worms in piece of halibut I've bought there and Costco's management said me that it is normal to find warms in bottom fish and I need just to cook that fish well. Sorry, guys. I can't force myself to eat fish stuffed with warms


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