Fasting for spiritual development

Water fasting is a good way for spiritual development. 7-12-21 days water fasting performed in time of any major religions fasts with more strict rules for breaking fast, will boost your energy, clean your body and accelerate your spiritual development. Meditation and praying are very supportive and progressive in time of water fasting. Pay attention to your dream and keep diary of of your dreams, thoughts, ideas, dreams and visions in time of your spirituall fasting. It's quite passable that some of them will help you in future years and some of them will come through later.

Seven to twelve days water fasting

Also after this kind of fasting some people quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol and eat red meat and many other changes

Controlling your body condition in time of fasting

Whenever you are experiencing headache, especially strong or very strong headache, strong and long pain in areas of vital organs, changes in heartbeat frequencies changed, heartbeat sharply slowing and speeding up you have to stop your fasting right away by drinking vegetable juice with water. Also if you have any health conditions, chronicle diseases you have to consult your doctor about your plan before make even one day of water fasting. For myself I consider normal to have joints pain, even strong pain in the first 3 days of long fasting. In case of heartburn I usually use sprinkling mineral water, sometimes for a couple of days and it usually quite helpful. I check my pulse one time a day in time of fasting; basically it’s around 76-78 all the time. Always listen to your guts.

Red meat It’s okay to eat red meat if your nature wants it strongly. But you have to pay close attention to quality of red meat you eat. It’s passable that after one of your long water fast you will quit eating red meat, which is quite natural because your clean body will refuse chemicals, antibiotic and hormones they put in poor caw. You can get last info regarding antibiotics in livestock here: How to replace intestinal bacteria after fasting and use enemas

First of all consult to your doctor about it and fallow procedure doctor will prescribe to you. I found following advice on one website, consult your doctor before use. At the end of the fast and fast break, put a container of Yakult mixed with acidophilus and bifidus from a capsule and one half cup of lukewarm water hung about 5 ft above the floors. When the mixture is inside, hold it till the water absorbs. Once you replace the intestinal bacteria it will continue to reproduce in you intestine for the rest of your life and assist in the maintenance of a healthy intestine.

Health improvement due to water fasting

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